Titel Jaargang Auteur(s)
Floods have become less deadly: an analysis of global flood fatalities 1975-2022 2023 Curran A.N. et al. Bekijk Publicatie
Book of Abstracts NCR DAYS 2022 2022 Astrid Blom, Laura M. Stancanelli, Jelle A. Dercksen, Clàudia Ylla Arbós, M. Kifayath Chowdhury, Shelby M. Ahrendt, Carolina Piccoli, Ralph M.J. Schielen, Kees Sloff & Jill H. Slinger (eds.)
River morphodynamic metrics derived from satellite images 2020 Rawee J., Huthoff F., Augustijn D., Hoek M. van Bekijk Publicatie
The effect of a constant hydraulic roughness on the migration of mid-channel bars 2020 Bomers A., Booij D.G.R., Paarlberg A., Huthoff F., Borsje B.W. Bekijk Publicatie
Towards a model for river dune dynamics under high and low discharges 2020 Lokin L.R., Warmink J.J., Hulscher S.J.M.H. Bekijk Publicatie
Modelling consequences of artificial structures on salt marsh dynamics in the Wadden Sea 2020 Siemes R.W.A. Daggenvoorde R.J. Borsje B.W. Hulscher S.J.M.H. Bekijk Publicatie
Quick Scan Sustainable river bed management 2020 Barneveld H., Zuijderwijk M., Eijsbergen E. van., Vuren S. van, Voortman B., Rinsema J.G. Bekijk Publicatie
Experimental study on bed-material transport over entrance sills at longitudinal training walls 2020 Os A. van, Lokin L., Mosselman E., Uijttewaal W., Labeur R.L., Osorio A.L. Bekijk Publicatie
Uncertain amount of impact of a river intervention in a bifurcating river system 2020 Gensen M.R.A., Warmink J.J., Huthoff F., Hulscher S.J.M.H. Bekijk Publicatie
The added value of Nature-Based Solutions 2019 Huthoff F., Brinke W. ten, Schielen R. Bekijk Publicatie