Titel Jaargang Auteur(s)
Can Linear Stability Analyses Predict the Development of Riverbed Waves With Lengths Much Larger Than the Water Depth? 2023 Barneveld H.J., Mosselman E., Chavarrías V., Hoitink A.J.F. Bekijk Publicatie
Seasonal Streamflow Forecasting for Fresh Water Reservoir Management in the Netherlands 2023 Hurkmans R. et al Bekijk Publicatie
Return Period of Low Water Periods in the River Rhine 2022 Saskia H. van Brenk, Lieke R. Lokin, Jord J. Warmink, Suzanne J. M. H. Hulscher Bekijk Publicatie
Objectherkenning vanaf het water 2022 Daggenvoorde R, Driebergen J. Bekijk Publicatie
Improving rating curve accuracy by incorporating water balance closure at river bifurcations 2022 Gensen, M.R.A.; Huthoff, F.; Warmink, J.J.; Berends, K.D.; Hulschera, S.J.M.H. Bekijk Publicatie
Flood Mural in Mozambique 2021 NWP (Netherlands Water Partnership) (citaten o.a. Hagedooren H.) Bekijk Publicatie
Electricity Price Forecasting in European Day Ahead Markets: A Greedy Consideration of Market Integration 2021 Heijden T. van der, Lago J., Palensky P., Abraham E. Bekijk Publicatie
Effectiveness of flood retention basins under hydrologic uncertainty 2021 Pol J., Barneveld H.J., Schielen R., Rongen G.W.F., Stenfert J.G. Bekijk Publicatie
Insight into the local bed-level dynamics to assist management of multi-functional rivers 2021 Denderen R.P. van, Paarlberg A.J., Augustijn D.C.M., Schielen R.M.J. Bekijk Publicatie
The influence of mesh structure on simulated water levels and flow velocities in meander rivers 2021 Bilgili E., Bomers A., Lente J.W. van, Huthoff F., Hulscher S.J.M.H. Bekijk Publicatie