Titel Jaargang Auteur(s)
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Modelling strategies for low flow dune behaviour 2022 Lokin L.R., Warmink J.J., Bomers A., Hulscher S.J.M.H. Bekijk Publicatie
Evaluation of Implicit and Explicit Wave Dissipation Models for Submerged and Emergent Aquatic Vegetation 2022 Ascencio J.A., Jacobsen N.G., McFall B.C., Groeneweg J., Vuik V., Reniers A.J.H.M. Bekijk Publicatie
Modelling river dune length adaptation during variable flow conditions 2021 Lokin L.R., Warmink J.J., Bomers A., Hulscher S.J.M.H. Bekijk Publicatie
The influence of mesh structure on simulated water levels and flow velocities in meander rivers 2021 Bilgili E., Bomers A., Lente J.W. van, Huthoff F., Hulscher S.J.M.H. Bekijk Publicatie
How much water can flow into the Netherlands via the large rivers? 2016 Kok Matthijs, Pol Joost, Vriend Huib de Bekijk Publicatie
Characterising natural bedform morphology and its influence on flow 2016 Lefebvre Alice, Paarlberg Andries, Winter Christian Bekijk Publicatie
Flow separation and shear stress over angle-of-repose bed forms: A numerical investigation 2014 Lefebvre, Alice Paarlberg, Andries Winter, Christian Bekijk Publicatie
Hydrodynamic modelling with unstructured grid using D-Flow-FM: case study Afferden-Deest 2014 Hagen, E.D.M. ten Huthoff, F., Warmink, J.J. Bekijk Publicatie