Flood risk management

Flood risk in developing urban areas increases rapidly due to growth of the population and rising economic values of assets exposed to floods. This is particularly the case for vulnerable people that settle in areas with the highest flood hazard as the available space in the urban fabric is limited and expensive. At the same time, the flood hazard increases due to pavement of urban extensions, climate change and in many cases also land subsidence. The existing drainage systems are not designed nor maintained for that new situation. This urgently calls for the development and implementation of flood risk mitigation and adaption strategies for rapidly developing urban areas.

In our view, three pillars are key for successful flood risk mitigation:

  • A scientific, evidence-based approach. We provide state-of-the-art knowledge and experience in modelling of flood hazards and risk, also for data scarce regions.
  • Empowerment of decision-makers, by carefully building the strategy together with decisionmakers and funders, supported by capacity building and training where needed.
  • Joint leadership from decision-makers, funders, and our team, based on trustful relationships.