Knowledge and knowledge development are of great importance to us. Together with our clients and other parties, we try to find new knowledge and applications in the field of water and safety.This can be fundamentally new knowledge of the effect of wind fields on wave growth, the application of early warning systems in Africa or the development of an app to show flood depths to a wide audience.

Governments and private clients at home and abroad engage us to solve their water issues. In-depth substantive knowledge and a wealth of experience in the optimal application of that knowledge form the basis for our work. HKV, the knowledge entrepreneur for water and safety.

dr. ir. B. Kolen Scientific Director 0320294231

PhD research

One of the ways in which we give substance to knowledge entrepreneurship is through PhD research by HKV-ers. On average, an HKV colleague starts a PhD trajectory every year. Such a trajectory often originates from personal ambition, is encouraged by discussions with colleagues, universities and experts in the field. From HKV, we support the PhD student to achieve a PhD trajectory, but certainly also during this trajectory. In most cases, the PhD candidate remains employed by HKV part-time and we try to bring together knowledge development and application in projects.
The PhD trajectories are divided over different research programmes and universities. Currently, PhD students are active at the University of Twente, Wageningen University and Delft University of Technology.


Knowledge only gives value when you share it with others. We often publish about research and innovative projects. These can be publications in scientific journals or scientific conferences. Writing articles for a wider audience in professional journals is also important to us. Knowledge must live and knowledge must flow!
Every year this leads to some fifty publications and we have an internal prize for the best publication: the Jan van Noortwijk Prize.

Project results

Results of our projects are shared with clients and other stakeholders through presentations, inforgraphics, videos or illustrations. In addition, project results are often recorded in reports. You can find all HKV reports soon in our online report library.