Capacity building

In international projects, capacity building is often an integral part of our approach. This can be in the form of courses, training programs or on-the-job training. In addition in the Netherlands we also contribute to ‘Post Academics Courses’.

HKV has provided training in a number of ways :

  • Most often as an integral part of a project, where we trained end users to use or maintain the tools developed within the project.
  • As a dedicated training project in itself, for example within the Framework of a NUFFIC project (, where were trained international professionals in the use of state-of-the art tools such as Google Earth Engine
  • Several of our experts contribute to courses in the framework of “PAO’’ ( , which are in depth course for experts with an academic background.
  • HKV developed an in-house training program for your professional that start their career within HKV.

Within our recent projects in West Africa we developed several hydrological and hydraulic models, early warning platforms and produced flood hazard and risk maps. Capacity building was also an integral part of these projects. Something through a training course to a group of experts, but often through on-the-job training sessions as well. Due to COVID-19 restrictions it was challenging to provide training in 2020, however we have been able to deliver training on-line. Sometime through on-line meeting sessions, but also through tutorials on video, allowing the participants to have another look at the instructions later if they would like to.