Manual for approach on Mozambican flood risk management

In the summer of 2017, two HKV colleagues went on a two-week mission to Mozambique to work on a manual for a step-by-step approach on preliminary studies on Flood Risk Management. This project was carried out together with the Dutch Water Authorities (client) and the Mozambican Technica. The Mozambican stakeholders are the National Directorate of Water and Resource Management (DNGRH) and water boards (ARAs). We concluded our mission with a presentation for DNGRH, the director of DNGRH was also present in situ. The presentation was admitted so positively that we were asked to present the manual later that week for the ARAs. This project has ended by the delivery of a manual. As soon as a new budget sufficiently is available, this project gets a follow-up. At the beginning of next October DNGRH organized a ‘Conselho Técnico’ meeting to assign the manual as the new standard for Flood Risk Management Projects in Mozambique. HKV and the Dutch Water Authorities presented the manual. Herewith also other important stakeholders like the National Irrigation Institute (INIR) and the Road Administration (ANE) were present.