HKV RayCast

Solar Irradiance nowcasting using satellite data

The HKV RayCast is a valuable instrument that facilitates the energy transition for DSO’s and supports climate adaptation at waterboards.

With an increase in renewable energy sources, electricity supply is becoming more volatile. Since demand and supply of electricity have to be in perfect balance, power generation has to be curtailed at some times. Using the HKV RayCast allows DSO’s to estimate the exact contribution of solar energy in the coming three hours. This allows them to proactively put net-stabilizing measure in place, increasing the integration of renewables while making optimal use of the existing infrastructure.

Incoming radiation is the main driver of evaporation. With the RayCast we can better estimate the actual evaporation in water systems. The nowcast of cloud characteristics is a useful by-product for precipitation for- and nowcasting.