Building with Nature Guidelines

HKV is a partner of EcoShape, a public-private pre-competitive knowledge development consortium, which develop nature-based solutions for challenges in water management. From 2016 to 2021 a team of EcoShape created the Building with Nature Guidelines. The lessons learned in pilot Nature Based Solutions projects are collected in the web-based Building with Nature Guidelines. The Guidelines contain knowledge gained through a number of Building with Nature pilot projects carried out by the EcoShape partners over the years. The Guidelines aims to help users to choose and implement the best Building with Nature solution for their challenge.

The target groups of the guidelines are project developers, governments, consultants, contractors, scientists and NGO’s. They can find information on specific projects, check feasibility of building solutions on their specific site as well as find tools to help implement Nature Based Solutions.

HKV was part of the team setting up the website and specific ‘Cases’ and ‘Concepts’ such as the ‘Enhancing Dune Dynamics’ page ( We also worked on one of the enablers ‘Capacity Building’ (