Presentation results of project ‘Climate Change and Flood Risk in Hokkaido’

HKV and it’s partners River Center, Deltares, Docon, Delft University and Hokkaido University present the results of the Partners for Water project ‘Climate Change and Flood Risk Hokkaido’. In Japan, there is great interest in the Dutch risk based approach to dealing with the consequences of climate change and flood risks. In the webinar of the 18th of January we present the results of our study. These results are also available in:

In 2016 Hokkaido was hit by various typhoons which led to floods in Hokkaido. These events raised questions about what kind of floods can be expected in a future, uncertain through climate change. The Dutch risk based approach offers a method to deal with these uncertain future scenarios. The challenge however is applying the approach to a specific Japanese river system. In the project we applied these methods in Japan with a consortium of Dutch and Japanese partners. The Dutch methods were integrated with Japanese methods which resulted in a framework for risk assessment which was applied on Hokkaido.

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