New high tide levels aid Christchurch’s flood management

New high tide statistics for Christchurch are building understanding of the flood risk in tidal areas of the city, particularly the probability of high tides coinciding with significant rainfall events.

Engineering consultancy GHD Christchurch, in association with Netherlands-based flood risk experts HKV, put the statistics together using advanced analysis that looks at a range of things that influence sea levels. These include weather patterns, sea level rise and even the effects of wind and waves on the sea.

This work will further improve our understanding of the frequency of these high water levels occurring at various locations around Christchurch. The work they have done, which was commissioned by Christchurch City Council, shows a slightly higher water level for most high tide levels than was calculated when the high tide statistics for Christchurch were last reviewed in 2018.

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Recently there have been floods on the South Island: The ultimate aim of the work carried out is to be able to better estimate the frequency of these types of events.

ir. G. Pleijter Senior consultant Risk and disaster management