Water resource management

Climate change and autonomous developments make it more difficult to predict the behavior of water systems and properly manage its resources. The only certain thing is that floods will occur more frequent and availability of water is becoming more challenging.

At HKV we are specialized in analyzing water resources under uncertain and data scarce conditions. Through our understanding of physics, the use of remote sensing data and innovative approaches such as hydrological models and artificial intelligence we are able to reduce uncertainties and advice our clients how to manage water resources and water systems.

We do this by developing long term historical hydrological data series based on local data and/or satellite based information, including potential effects of climate change and autonomous developments. This enables us to provide statistical information to our clients, for instance how many days per year water availability is below a certain threshold.

We develop services to support water management and water resources for instance tailored water information systems or our satellite based rainfall product called rainsat (, which shows detailed movement of rainfall events. These services allow users to make water management decisions under data scarce conditions in changing environment.