HydroPC: Hydrological Forecasting using Publicly available data and free Cloud-based technologies

The project HydroPC focused on co-development and application of innovative data technologies and comprehensive training of beneficiaries to support water and disaster risk management in Mozambique. A particular objective was to strengthen the technical autonomy of the Unit for Flood and Drought Control (UFDC), hosted within the National Directorate for Water resource Management in Mozambique. A synergetic treatment of official and non-official hydrological data was incorporated in the co-development of a free and open-access online platform that operates in the Google Earth Engine environment. The platform focuses on Mozambique,  but has included some functionalities that provide data service on a wider regional scale, some even world-wide. A further sub-goal of the project was to facilitate a transition to free open-source software in water and disaster risk management.

During two 2-week training periods comprehensive (online) training and co-development with beneficiaries was conducted focusing on: working with Google Earth Engine, understanding river dynamics, flood mapping, reservoir monitoring and combining data and publishing it online. Training material was prepared in the form of manuals (in English and Portuguese) and instructional videos.

Promotional video for the launch event that was held on 4 November 2020 in Mozambique.