Community Resilience Through Early Warning (CREW)

UNDP has commissioned HKV and RHDHV to develop drought and flood hazard, vulnerability and risk maps on both national level and for 10 pilot areas throughout Ghana. The national level maps were developed for the current situation and future scenario in 2050. On national level open source data sets were used to develop the maps. The district maps were developed in more detail using a more accurate digital terrain model.

The project also developed a drought and flood early warning system for the 10 pilot areas. Each of the 10 pilot sites were visited based on which the tailored flood and drought early warning systems are implemented. The early warning system exists of an expert system and a web dissemination tool.

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The site visits also resulted in drought and flood mitigation plans for each of the 10 pilot areas.

The project included a training and communication component, with a technical and social surveys, both at national level as well as community level enabling the stakeholders to operate and use the maps and forecast system but also for the stakeholders at community level to act upon it.