Tailor Made Training Ghana

Currently, three of our colleagues, Laura, Job and Mattijn, are in Ghana to give a Tailor Made Training on analyzing open satellite data to support farming in floodplains in northern Ghana. Wednesday 13 March they will wrap up the training in a big seminar. If you’re in Accra, please reach out to them if you want to join!

The problem we address: In northern Ghana, farming in the floodplains of the White Volta is a common practice. The growing season in the floodplains starts when the rainy season starts around April-May and ends when the floodplains flood around July-September. When sowing too early, the valuable seeds will not sprout and will be lost, however when sowing too late, crops will not fully mature before the expected river floods and/or be lost in the floods. With extensive knowledge about (trends in the) rainfall onset, flood onset, and the resulting growing season, combined with agricultural expertise, the use of seeds, crops and farming practices can be aligned with the growing season. This alignment supports food security and livelihoods.

In this tailor made training, we trained young experts from the Ghana Meteorological Agency and Ghana Hydrological Authority to make these analyses based on open satellite data and present them in a clear way, enabling their organizations to support farmers in northern Ghana via their extension officers.

This training is implemented by HKV under the Orange Knowledge Programme, which is managed by Nuffic global development and funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tailor Made Training Ghana