Real Time Flood Risk Assessment

Imagine that there is a risk of flooding. What are you going to do as a water manager, which action has the highest priority, which dikes have weak spots, which emergency measures should you take, which region should be evacuated? These topics were discussed during the final conference of EU project DRIVER + (18-20 February 2020, Brussels). HKV was present there with a “Real Time Flood Risk Assessment” stand. HKV has developed Real Time Flood Risk Assessment based on open data and expert judgement. Information about weather forecasts, water levels, flood defences and flood scenarios are combined to provide an insight into actual risks.

The video shows this concept, which was presented via DRIVER + in the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Germany and Hungary and applied to support risk-based decision-making. With Real Time Flood Risk Assessment you have a better awareness of the risks and you can use prepared information and current observations to make an effective decision.


ir. M.R. Hartman Senior consultant Water and climate 0320294223