Titel Jaargang Auteur(s)
Estimating the effect of assumed initial damage to the hydraulic stability of pattern-placed revetments on dikes using finite element modeling 2024 Vegt N. van der, et al. Bekijk Publicatie
Can Linear Stability Analyses Predict the Development of Riverbed Waves With Lengths Much Larger Than the Water Depth? 2023 Barneveld H.J., et al. Bekijk Publicatie
Longshore sediment transport by large-scale lake circulations at low-energie non-tidal beaches afield and model study 2023 Vuik V, et al Bekijk Publicatie
Can streamwise variation in floodplain geometry and peak flow rate explain river bed elevation change during and between peak flows? 2023 Denderen R.P. van, et al. Bekijk Publicatie
Modelling River Dunes Under High and Low Flows 2022 Lieke Lokin, Jord Warmink, Anouk Bomers Bekijk Publicatie
Day Ahead Market price scenario generation using a Combined Quantile Regression Deep Neural Network and a Non-parametric Bayesian Network 2022 Heijden T.J.T. van der, Palensky P., Giesen N. van de, Abraham E. Bekijk Publicatie
River Dune Dynamics During Low Flows 2022 Lokin L.R., Warmink J. J., Bomers A., Hulscher S. J. M. H. Bekijk Publicatie
Effectiveness of flood retention basins under hydrologic uncertainty 2021 Pol J., Barneveld H.J., Schielen R., Rongen G.W.F., Stenfert J.G. Bekijk Publicatie
The variability of river dune shape at high and low flows in a navigable river 2021 Lokin L., Warmink J., Bomers A., Hulscher S. Bekijk Publicatie
The evolution of primary dunes during low flows on the Waal river 2021 Lokin L.R., Warmink J.J., Bomers A., Hulscher S.J.M.H. Bekijk Publicatie