Titel Jaargang Auteur(s)
Seasonal Streamflow Forecasting for Fresh Water Reservoir Management in the Netherlands 2023 Hurkmans R. et al Bekijk Publicatie
Can streamwise variation in floodplain geometry and peak flow rate explain river bed elevation change during and between peak flows? 2023 R.P. van Denderen, S.M. Ahrendt, A. Blom, R.M.J. Schielen, A.R. Horner-Devine Bekijk Publicatie
Modelling strategies for low flow dune behaviour 2022 Lokin L.R., Warmink J.J., Bomers A., Hulscher S.J.M.H. Bekijk Publicatie
Evaluation of Implicit and Explicit Wave Dissipation Models for Submerged and Emergent Aquatic Vegetation 2022 Ascencio J.A., Jacobsen N.G., McFall B.C., Groeneweg J., Vuik V., Reniers A.J.H.M. Bekijk Publicatie
A future proof strategy for coping with a changing and uncertain world 2021 Lely A.C. van der, Eekelen E. van, Honingh D.F., Leenders J.K., McEvoy S., Penning E., Sterk M., Voskamp I., Warren A., Zelsta V. van Bekijk Publicatie
The influence of mesh structure on simulated water levels and flow velocities in meander rivers 2021 Bilgili E., Bomers A., Lente J.W. van, Huthoff F., Hulscher S.J.M.H. Bekijk Publicatie
Characterizing vegetation response to rainfall at multiple temporal scales in the Sahel-Sudano-Guinean region using transfer function analysis 2021 Zhoua J., Jiab L., Menenti M., Hoek M. van, Lub J., Zheng C., Wu H., Yuan X. Bekijk Publicatie
Automated quantification of river morphodynamics from satellite imagery for large multithreaded rivers 2020 Rawee J., Huthoff F., Augustijn D.C.M., Hoek M. van Bekijk Publicatie
Historic storms and the hidden value of coastal wetlands for nature-based flood defence 2020 Zhu Z., Vuik V., et. al. Bekijk Publicatie
Towards a model for river dune dynamics under high and low discharges 2020 Lokin L.R., Warmink J.J., Hulscher S.J.M.H. Bekijk Publicatie