Titel Jaargang Auteur(s)
Strength Recovery in a Large-Scale Backward Erosion Piping Experiment 2022 Pol J, et al Bekijk Publicatie
Numerical interpretation of regressive localized internal erosion in a real-scale levee physical model 2022 Carlo Callari, Johannes C. Pol
Strength Recovery in a Large-Scale Backward Erosion Piping Experiment 2022 Joost Pol, Wim Kanning, Bas Jonkman
Influence of erosion on piping in terms of field conditions By G. Hoffmans 2022 Joost Pol
Errors in finite element analysis of backward erosion piping 2022 Robbins B.A., van Beek V.M., Pol J.C., Griffiths D.V. Bekijk Publicatie
Temporal evolution of backward erosion piping in small-scale experiments 2022 Johannes C. Pol, Willem Kanning, Vera M. van Beek, Bryant A. Robbins, Sebastiaan N. Jonkman Bekijk Publicatie
Progression Rate of Backward Erosion Piping: Small Scale Experiments 2022 Pol J.C., Klaveren W. van, Kanning W., Beek V.M. van, Robbins B.A., Jonkman S.N. Bekijk Publicatie
Characterizing vegetation response to rainfall at multiple temporal scales in the Sahel-Sudano-Guinean region using transfer function analysis 2021 Zhoua J., Jiab L., Menenti M., Hoek M. van, Lub J., Zheng C., Wu H., Yuan X. Bekijk Publicatie
Temporal Development of Backward Erosion Piping in a Large-Scale Experiment 2020 Pol J.C., Kanning W., Jonkman S.N. Bekijk Publicatie
Large‑scale stochastic flood hazard analysis applied to the Po River 2020 Curran A., Bruijn K. de, Domeneghetti A., Bianchi F., Kok M., Vorogushyn S., Castellarin A. Bekijk Publicatie