Notches and nourishments study

In this project we dive into the functioning of notches in combination with nourishments. Notches are openings in the first dune. The opening is located at the top of the dune which makes sure that no water can enter the notch. Notches are part of the dynamic coastal management strategy of the Dutch waterboards and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Because they improve the link between the beach and the dune area more sand is able to penetrate into the dunes. This sand heightens the dunes and therefore it enables the dunes to grow with sea level rise.

Due to sea level rise we will need a lot more sand to sustain the Dutch coast in the future. In this study we research the possibilities of combining nourishments and notches in the most efficient way to let the foreshore and beach (nourishments) and dune area (notches) grow with sea level rise.