PhD research

In 2013 Bas Kolen obtained his PhD degree for his thesis on evacuation strategies. His thesis received much attention in the press and has made valuable contributions to the development of new opportunities for crisis management.

In 2015, our former colleague Karolina Wojchiechowska defended with success her PhD-thesis on dealing with uncertainty in decision making.

Furthermore, the following colleagues are currently working on different PhD studies:

Joost Pol studies how safety assessment of flood defences can be improved by including time-dependency in the failure processes, like the time required for backward erosion piping. In addition, he explores how different failure modes can interact with each other and how that affects the dike safety.

Vincent Vuik investigates how the concept ‘Building with Nature’ can be used for flood risk reduction. By constructing vegetated foreshores in front of flood defences, the wave attack on these dikes can be reduced. Vincent is developing new methods to determine the efficiency and reliability of these systems.

Bob Maaskant is investigating various methods to assist in the prioritisation of interventions for water safety.