HKV constantly present in Mozambique

Starting in November 2015 HKV will be directly involved in the planning and technical support of the National water directorate ‘Direcção Nacional de Águas’ (DNA). Besides support in setting up a long-term national water plan HKV will provide support in strengthening the organization, both at the technical and the organizational level. For this purpose, our colleague Fredrik Huthoff will be constantly present at DNA in Maputo for a duration of two years.

HKV has been active in Mozambique on multiple fronts for several years now. Since 2013 HKV has given support to the regional water authority ARA-Sul through development of data management and flood-forecasting tools. Also, HKV provided tailor-made trainings to ARA-Sul in the utilisation of these tools. The training in these subjects has aroused interest of the educational institute ‘Instituto Superior Politécnico de Gaza’ (ISPG) in Chokwe, where HKV has now also provided an introductory course on hydrology and flood forecasting. A newspaper article about this collaboration can be found here. In 2015 HKV was also involved in a Dutch mission to flood-affected areas in the Zambezi province.