FEWS Bosna

EU commission and the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina commissioned an Eptisa led consortium to develop a hydrological flood forecasting system for the Bosna river basin as well as the Sava tributaries of Urkina, Brka and Tinja.

The project components included:

  • Data collection and correction
  • Hydrological model development
  • Hydraulic models development (1D and 2D)
  • Real time data management system
  • Development of operational flood forecasting system
  • Capacity building through trainings and study tours

HKV was responsible for the coordination of the modelling team. We also calibrated the 1D hydraulic models and build 2D hydraulic models for selected areas. The project used DHI platforms: Mike Operations, Mike 11 for the hydrological modelling and hydraulic modelling, Mike 21 for the 2D modelling. HKV provided a number of 1D and 2D model trainings.

The Dutch risk reduction team consists of pre-selected experts from the Dutch Water Sector, which can quickly be fielded to assess and support countries or regions hit by disasters.

Part of the project was carried out during the COVID19 pandemic, forcing the consortium to work remotely. We quickly setup a number of online work procedures to continue the work in a seamless manner. Trainings and study tours were also successfully carried out in an online environment.