Optimizing water use in the Awash Basin, Ethiopia

Optimizing water use in the Awash Basin, EthiopiaTogether with the Awash Basin Authority HKV starts in cooperation with the Dutch Water Authorities (under the lead of the Waterboard of Zuiderzeeland), MetaMeta, MetaMeta Ethiopia and the University of Twente a ‘Partners for Water Project’ called ‘Optimizing water use for the Awash Basin’.

The catchment of the Awash is the most intensive used catchment in Ethiopia – agriculture, industries and about 14 million dwellers depend on the water resources of the Awash, a catchment three times the size of the Netherlands. Water equity and good water allocation are needed to sustainably combine all uses. Currently there is a lack of good water governance, insight in the actual water availability and insight in the possibilities to increase water efficiency in the agricultural sector.

The project has three components:
- Set up a water agreement to improve water equity in water scarce periods.
- Set up an information platform to support the water agreement. Based on freely available datasets and remote sensing data the information platform will provide real time insight in the water availability. The platform will also be a tool to provide insight in the agreements made in the water agreement.
- The third component will focus on ‘Smart farming’. In two pilots different agricultural methods will be tested and evaluated with local stakeholders to improve water efficiency.

For more information, please contact Nicole Jungermann via e-mail or phone +31 (0)320 294207.

July, 12th 2017

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