Back office support for disaster in Mozambique

In the past weeks HKV helped emergency missions in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe in response to the devastation caused by cyclone Idai, by providing back office support on hydrologic questions.

HKV shared its insights resulting from years-long activities in the area. Several rapid assesments were carried out in relation to flood extents, mapping of site visits, dam safeties and other aspects, which helped missions in the field in setting their priorities and guiding their day-to-day emergency actions.

In these efforts, HKV collaborated with Deltares, the Red Cross/510 Global and IHE Delft, who each contributed with their unique skills and knowledge of the region.

For more information please consult Freek Huthoff by e-mail or phone +31 (0)320 294354.

Photo: Rapid assessments included mapping and hydrological analysis of rivers and dams.

April, 10th 2019