AppsEveryone expects to have information readily available at their fingertips, for example on a smart phone or tablet. There are many water-related apps available around the world with useful information and for a variety of applications. We are happy to showcase some of our existing apps and to work on the development of new apps and web applications to address new challenges and innovative solutions.

The following apps are available:

Überschwemm Ich?
In February 2017 the German variant of the app ‘Overstroom ik?’ is launched in the Apple App Store. We presented Überschwemm Ich? during a trade mission to the German federal states Saksen, Saksen-Anhalt and Thüringen. We fill the app with official, local data from Dessau.

HKV launched 4 apps in February 2016, called Rainsat, that show near real time rainfall information. The apps respectively cover Ghana, Ethiopia, Malawi and Mozambique. Rainfall information displayed in Rainsat is received from satellite observations, collected every 15-minutes. Rainsat shows the rainfall intensity from the previous 4 hours up to now and helps the user to see if more rain can be expected in the imminent future.

The app is obviously useful for water managers or farmers, but also enables citizens to make informed decisions on their activities if these are weather-related.HKV continues to improve these services, either by connecting satellite data with ground observations, improving the information during the night and adding forecasts for the coming hours. You can find the apps in the stores for Apple and Android, and search for Rainsat.

Safe Trip
This app, which we launched in January 2015, gives travellers and tourists within Europe information on their actual safety within the immediate vicinity of their current location. The first version of Safe Trip concerns information on high water levels, wildfires and severe storms. This app is intended to help people to be better prepared to ensure their own safety. This app is freely downloadable in the Google Play Store and the Apple Ap Store (only available in Dutch).

Overstroom ik (Will I get flooded)?
Minister Schultz launched the application Overstroom ik? in September 2014, which has been developed by HKV. This application makes it possible for the citizens of the Netherlands to be made aware of the probability of flooding, the maximum water level during flooding and the consequences of a flood. This app is freely downloadable in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store (only available in Dutch). The app Overstroom ik? replaced the previous app ‘my flood risk’, which was also developed by HKV.